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7 Ken Griffin, Citadel Investment Group

Griffin at 32 years old is the youngest hedge fund manager of those interviewed but has one of the highest asset bases and largest organizations in terms of people and resources. He started his first hedge fund while in college. The multistrategy firm concentrates on relative value and event-driven arbitrage.


8 John Henry, John W. Henry & Co.

This systematic long-term trend follower trades only in the futures markets. Patient, visionary, and an analytical whiz are the key words that describe him. He has institutionalized his firm to such a degree that he describes his role as semiretired where he focuses just on research. He purchased the Florida Marlins in 1999.


9 Mark Kingdon, Kingdon Capital Management

This global equity long/short manager, with assets under management over $4 billion, invests based on valuations, trends in fundamentals, and technicals. He is not always invested and is willing to wait for opportunities. He has not used any leverage in the past 13 years.


10 Bruce Kovner, Caxton Corporation

This fundamental macro manager is the center of enormous information flow coming in from all areas of the globe, including three oil tankers he bought just for that purpose. Kovner is known for his intellectual honesty, risk management, and structure creation.


11 Daniel Och, Och-Ziff Capital Management

"Focus" is the word that describes this manager, who concentrates on merger arbitrage and event-driven investing. Research-driven, with offices in New York and London, Och has a track record with low volatility and no down years.


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